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WaterDeliveryVA.com, is part of the Great Water Delivery network. Great Water Delivery is the most comprehensive resource on the web for bottled water and bottled water delivery services. If you live in Virginia (VA) and are looking for the best water and the best water delivery services, you've come to the right place!

Water delivery service is an affordable alternative to in-home filtration systems - which are often expensive and sometimes ineffective. Being well-hydrated and being healthy go hand-in-hand. Nearly 70% of your body is made up of water and water is critical to nearly every bodily function. If so much of your body is water and water is so important to your health, shouldn't you be drinking the best you can get? Of course you should!

But why not drink just regular old tap water or the generic spring water that you find at the supermarket? The problem with tap water, broadly speaking, is that it's just not very pure. Over 90% of it is used for non-drinking events - things like washing your car, watering your lawn, etc. For this reason, it doesn't make financial sense to purify tap water to the highest degree possible.

Purified Water or Spring Water?

Which is better purified water or spring water? Personally, we believe that when it comes to water, purity - the absence of minerals and dissolved solids, is the most important thing. Our staff believes that purified water tastes better, but "taste" is a very subjective measure. Many people do enjoy the taste of some dissolved solids in their water. We have three affiliate partners - each serving a different section of Virginia (VA). Some offer only purified water others offer multiple types of water. What they all agree on is that water is extremely important to your health and you should be drinking more water and avoiding high-calorie beverages such as sodas and soft drinks!

Living in Virginia (VA) & Looking for Bottled Water?

We are experts in all things bottled water and bottled water delivery service. If you live in Northern Virginia, we believe that the best company - the company offering the best water and the best delivery service is DrinkMore Water. We've evaluated every single bottled water company on the market and have consistently found DrinkMore Water to be the best - the best water (highest purity), best customer service, best selection of products, locally owned, etc., etc.

Unfortunately, DrinkMore Water only offers water delivery service in Northern Virgina.

If you live in the Western portion of Virgina (VA) - Winchester, Staunton, Harrisonburg, Roanoke, etc., we recommend Shenandoah Spring Water. Shenandoah offers water delivery, office coffee service and point-of-use coolers for homes and offices throughout Western Virginia - from North to South.

If you live in the Eastern portion of Virginia (VA), but are South of Springfield, our recommended provider is Diamond Springs. From the beaches to Richmond and even down into North Carolina, Diamond Springs provides fantastic service and a great variety of products.

Drop us a line or call us (800) 672-1539 today and Great Water Delivery can set you up with any of these three companies!

We are an independent sales agent for DrinkMore Water. If you are looking to get set-up with water delivery service for your home or your office, you can either contact us directly or use us as a resource and sign-up directly with DrinkMore Water. .

About WaterDeliveryVA.com

WaterDeliveryVA.com is part of the Great Water Delivery network. Great Water Delivery is the most comprehensive resource on the web for all things bottled water and bottled water delivery service. Collectively, we have 10+ years experience working in the bottled water industry and we are experts in every aspect of water - from water delivery to bottled water plant operations; water purity to water coolers and everything in between. We are an independent marketing affiliate for DrinkMore Water, Eastern Shore Coffee & Water and a growing list of others.

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